Class Actions

Hattis Law is dedicated to utilizing class action litigation to enable consumers to protect and enforce their rights, to make rogue corporations return illegally gotten gains, and to help ensure that such corporations will be held responsible for their illegal actions.

Too often, large corporations choose to cheat and defraud their customers because the corporations find that it is profitable to do so. In many cases, the cost for an individual to file a lawsuit to get redress is cost-prohibitive compared to the amount of money stolen. For example, it may not make sense for an individual to file a lawsuit against a company who defrauded him or her of $100, because the cost to bring a lawsuit is much more than the $100 the individual was cheated out of.

Class actions are powerful tools to end illegal business practices by large corporations and to hold them accountable. Class actions allow many similarly aggrieved people to join together in one lawsuit, so that their claims can be decided in a single court proceeding to recover damages on a large scale, ensuring that companies are held accountable.

Class actions help level the playing field by offering a way for consumers to join together to prevent rogue corporations from cheating large numbers of people out of individually small amounts of money.