If you are a current or former Verizon Wireless subscriber, then you may have a claim for monthly overcharges.

Customers complain that Verizon Wireless has been imposing an invented “Administrative and Telco Recovery Charge” of $3.30 per line per month above and beyond Verizon’s advertised price for the service.


Customers say that Verizon does not disclose the Charge when customers sign up, and that then on the customer bill Verizon Wireless hides the Charge and falsely indicates it is a government-related surcharge.

To date, Verizon Wireless has collected more than $8 billion in the form of “Administrative and Telco Recovery Charges” from its subscribers.

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Recovering your payments of Verizon’s “Administrative and Telco Recovery Charge” may start with a process called arbitration.

Verizon’s customer agreement attempts to prohibit consumers from bringing a class action in court. Instead, each customer must bring a separate “arbitration” to be decided by the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”), a private organization.

This law firm will attempt to prosecute large numbers of arbitrations against Verizon simultaneously. Verizon may refuse to participate in the arbitrations or to comply with the AAA’s requirements, such that the AAA may be unable to hold the arbitrations. If that happens, the attorney-client relationship would end and the law firm would file class action lawsuits instead. In that case, we would let you know which class action may apply to you.

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