Ponce v. Lenovo Settlement – Objections to Inadequate Settlement

If you received an email notice of the Lenovo false discount class action settlement “Ponce v. Lenovo Settlement,” or otherwise purchased a Lenovo computer direct on the lenovo.com website in 2015, and are not happy with the settlement or the claims process, you have rights.

We are currently investigating complaints that the class action settlement is inadequate for numerous reasons, including:

1. The online claims process is flawed. Class members who did not receive an email from Lenovo, but who have qualifying purchases during 2015, cannot submit a claim online, contrary to the requirements of the settlement agreement.

2. The claims website url www.lenovodiscountpricingsettlement.com confusingly resolves to a phishing-looking website url https://secure.dahladmin.com/LENOVO, which has discouraged class members from filing claims.

3. Lenovo is not required to, and has not, changed its false discounting practices as a result of the settlement.

4. The settlement excludes Thinkpad products and excludes any products purchased in years other than 2015, even though Lenovo’s fake discounts at Lenovo.com have been ongoing for several years for all of its Thinkpad and Lenovo products.

If you purchased a Lenovo computer from the Lenovo.com website in 2015, and/or received an email notice of the Ponce v. Lenovo class action settlement, and you are unhappy with the settlement or the online claims process, we would like to learn of your experience.

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