Lawsuit against Charter Spectrum / Time Warner Cable for bogus “Broadcast TV and Sports Programming Surcharges”


Hattis Law filed a lawsuit on November 9, 2016 against Charter Spectrum / Time Warner Cable to stop Charter’s massive illegal bait-and-switch scheme of advertising and promising one price but then charging a much higher price in the form of hidden and completely made-up fees called the “Broadcast TV and Sports Programming Surcharges.” These surcharges may also be labeled individually on the bill as the “Broadcast TV Surcharge” and the “Sports Programming Surcharge.”

Charter Spectrum / Time Warner Cable has increased these bogus surcharges repeatedly, and they now add nearly $10 extra to the monthly bill in many states.

If you are upset about Charter Spectrum / Time Warner Cable’s “Broadcast TV and Sports Programming Surcharges”, we would like to hear about your experience.

Also, if it has been 30 days or less since you started your new contract, you can opt-out of Time Warner Cable’s arbitration clause here.

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