Lawsuit against Spectrum (Charter/ Time Warner) for bogus “Broadcast TV and Sports Programming Surcharges”


Hattis Law is investigating complaints of hidden fees and overcharges by Spectrum cable television (currently Charter Spectrum, previously Time Warner Cable).

We are investigating the following:

1. Bogus and hidden fees called the “Broadcast TV and Sports Programming Surcharges”. Customers report that Spectrum fails to adequately disclose these fees, and then states or implies that the fees are government-related charges. In fact, these fees are entirely made up and are double-charges for the broadcast channels and sports channels already promised as included in the advertised price.

2. Repeated rate increases to Time Warner legacy customers despite being explicitly promised by Spectrum that your rates would not increase. Customers report that their Time Warner legacy promotions and rates are not being honored, including where Spectrum staff assured them their rates would not be increased.

If you are upset about Spectrum’s “Broadcast TV and Sports Programming Surcharges” and/or are a Time Warner legacy customer whose rates have increased despite promises they would stay the same, we would like to hear about your experience.

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