Hattis Law is investigating complaints that Charter Spectrum charges a hidden and misleading “Broadcast TV Surcharge” fee to its cable customers and repeatedly raises its rates on Time Warner legacy customers.

We are investigating the following:

1. Hidden “Broadcast TV Surcharge” Fee. Spectrum just raised its “Broadcast TV Surcharge” fee to $16.45 a month. Customers report that Spectrum fails to adequately disclose this fee, and then states or implies that the fee is a government-related charge. In reality, this fee is entirely made up and is simply a double-charge for the channels Spectrum already promised to provide in its advertised price.

2. Price Increases to Time Warner Legacy Customers. Time Warner legacy customers report their fixed rates are not being honored despite Spectrum staff promising no increases.

If you are upset about Spectrum’s “Broadcast TV Surcharge” fee and/or are a Time Warner legacy customer whose rates have increased despite promises that they would stay the same, we would like to hear about your experience.

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