Hattis Law is investigating complaints that DirecTV fails to adequately disclose hidden fees and price increases to its customers.

We are investigating the following:

1. Hidden “Regional Sports Fee.” DirecTV charges many of its customers a “Regional Sports Fee” of up to $7.49 a month. Customers report that DirecTV fails to adequately disclose this fee and that DirectTV is locking them into long-term contracts with costly cancellation fees and using this “Regional Sports Fee” to raise rates whenever it wants.

2. Hidden Price Increase in Second Year of Service. DirecTV charges its customers significantly more than the advertised price in the second year of their two-year service agreement. DirecTV deceives customers into believing the advertised price applies to the entire two year contract, but fails to tell customers the price jumps significantly on month 13 and/or hides this information in the fine print. Customers report signing up for DirecTV without knowing about this price increase and only learning about it after being charged a year later.

If you are upset about DirecTV’s “Regional Sports Fee” and/or did not know about the increased price during the second year of your contract, we would like to hear about your experience.

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