Lawsuit Against Cox Cable For Bogus Broadcast Surcharge And Regional Sports Surcharge Fees


Hattis Law is investigating complaints that Cox Cable charges hidden fees and overcharges to its cable customers.

We are investigating the following:

1. Hidden “Broadcast Surcharge” and “Regional Sports Surcharge” Fees. Cox recently increased its Broadcast Surcharge fee to $13.50 a month. Cox also charges a Regional Sports Surcharge fee that is now up to $8.00 a month. Customers report that Cox fails to adequately disclose the existence of these fees or that they may be raised at any point. Customers also complain that these fees are simply double-charges for channels Cox already promised to provide in its advertised price.

2. Price Increases Despite “Price-Lock” Guarantees. Customers report Cox promising a promotional fixed-rate period (a “price-lock” guarantee) only to then raise their rates through hidden fee increases, such as the Broadcast and Regional Sports surcharges.

If you are upset about Cox’s Broadcast Surcharge, Regional Sports Surcharge, and/or your rates have increased in the middle of a promised guaranteed promotion or price-lock period, we would like to hear about your experience.