Lawsuit against Comcast for charging bogus “Broadcast TV Fee” and “Regional Sports Fee”

Hattis Law filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of California Comcast customers to stop Comcast’s massive illegal bait-and-switch scheme of advertising and promising one price but then charging its customers a much higher price in the form of concealed, deceptive, and completely fabricated fees which Comcast calls the “Broadcast TV Fee” and the “Regional Sports Fee.”

Comcast introduced these bogus fees in 2014 at a rate of $1.00 per month, and has rapidly and repeatedly increased them to the current rate of $17.50 per month above and beyond the advertised and promised price for service.

If you are a California Comcast customer and are upset about Comcast’s Broadcast TV Fee and Regional Sports Fee, and/or Comcast’s explanation to you about the fees, we would like to hear about your experience.

Thank you!

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