Hattis Law is investigating complaints that Grande Communications is charging hidden and made-up fees that can amount to over $40.00 per month.
Customers report that Grande fails to adequately disclose these fees and then raises them without notification. Grande lies to its customers and falsely describes the fees as taxes or government mandated charges that are outside of its control. In fact, Grande has invented these below-the-line fees as a way to charge its customers more while advertising a lower price.

We are investigating the following bogus fees and surcharges:

1. Broadcast TV Surcharge to Cable TV customers.

2. Sports Surcharge to Cable TV customers.

3. Entertainment Networks Surcharge to Cable TV customers.

4. Network Access and Maintenance Fee to high-speed Internet customers.

If you are upset about Grande’s bogus fees and surcharges, we would like to hear about your experience.

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