Are you a small business customer of AT&T who subscribes to business Internet, Phone, or U-Verse TV?

Hattis Law is investigating complaints about a bait-and-switch scheme, where AT&T advertises and promises a lower price, but then charges up to a 7% higher price by tacking on a deceptive and hidden “Cost Assessment Charge” which AT&T has claimed is to pay AT&T’s property taxes.

Ars Technica has written an article about the alleged scam here. As Ars Technica put it: “Most companies would consider property taxes one of the costs of doing business, and they’d simply factor the taxes into their advertised prices instead of deceiving customers by listing one price in an order and then charging a higher one. At the risk of giving AT&T’s billing department more ideas, why stop at property taxes? Why not charge customers separate fees for AT&T’s water and electricity bills, too?”

If you are or were a subscriber of AT&T business services (business Internet, Phone or U-verse TV) and you are upset about this deceptive fee, we would like to hear about your experience.

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  • What business services do (or did) you have with AT&T?

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