Net10 Wireless “Unlimited Data” False Advertising Class Action

Posted on Jul 13th, 2013

We are currently investigating complaints by California consumers that Net10 Wireless falsely advertises its wireless phone plans as providing “unlimited” data, while intentionally cutting off data without warning to subscribers of such plans who have exceeded an undisclosed data limit or cap.

On March 1, 2013, Net10 Wireless, without any notice to current customers, imposed a 1.5GB hard data cap on its AT&T compatible SIM cards, after which customer data access is automatically terminated. Meanwhile, Net10 continues to impose an undisclosed data cap for users of its Net10 branded smartphones and T-Mobile compatible SIM cards.

Net10 Wireless’s fraudulent scheme includes disposing of customer complaints by blaming the customers for “misuse” of their data, refusing to explain the reason their data was cut off, and transferring the customers to a recorded message stating that customer service representatives cannot help them.

If you reside in California and purchased a Net10 Wireless SIM card or smartphone and an “unlimited” data plan, and experienced either restrictions on the amount of data you could access or slower data speeds, we would like to learn of your experience.

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